Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Designers Here I Come!

Well actually, I have my degree show first which is exciting but New Designers will be an amazing opportunity to show what I can do and maybe gain some recognition. I spoke with one of my tutors yesterday after going in to pick up my final work that had been assessed the previous week....I wasn't told my final grade, not sure anyone was but we all have a pretty good idea of what overall degree grade we have. I also know which pieces will probably be going to ND and I am pretty pleased as I think they represent the kind of designer I am at this moment in my life. All I know at this time is that I've passed my degree and that me and my work are going to be set free into the world this summer! :)

I will post images soon.....My work involves a lot of what I specialise in...Lots of granulation...Flush set diamonds...Reticulated silver...chunky pieces, delicate pieces...9 and 18ct gold, sterling silver...silver plated gilding and brass and delft casting. Im going to book myself in with the photographer next week/early week after to finish off my photographs so I can get my press packs sorted for ND....I'm sooo excited!

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