Monday, 14 November 2011

Its been a while...

Since I last posted. I moved a few weeks ago and am starting a new job soon so It's taken me away from a lot of my Internet stuff...Pretty stressful time with a lot going on but I'm getting settled now. Where I live now is only temporary...For a year, well 10 months now and because it's only temporary, I decided not to move my old telephone number/land line and Internet connection to the new place. Most people call my mobile anyway. One thing I can't get used to though is having a dongle! Its pretty fast but I have to choose my time of day for it to be that way and for someone who has had the Internet in my home for the past 10 years, and super fast wireless broadband for 5 of those years, its hard (I know there are worse things in life and what did we do before the Internet...I cant remember anymore!)

 I made my first Etsy sale this week..This ring to be exact I also sold 2 of the full sterling silver fidget rings off etsy, for etsy prices which I don't normally do...Them prices are just reserved for Etsy but I'm not really one to pass up on making jewellery for someone who really wants it (or the money) My main collection(under my name) is still a work in progress....
I'm taking my time over it. I'll explain why. New Designers in July was a great experience and I met some great people and got some interest in my jewellery from the general public, but no one from the industry picked up on it. In all honestly, I don't blame them really. Considering my years of experience, my collection was naive, didn't fit well together and maybe even seemed rushed. BUT, thank god for New Designers because It opened my eyes to what I should be doing..What I should have done for my graduation project and what I should have presented at ND. I think the problem was that I had just done 5 years of non stop jewellery/silversmithing/designing studying and by the time I got to the last few months of my last year at uni, to put it bluntly, my mind was knackered (I should also mention that I worked for most of my studies and didn't move to Sheffield to study my degree, instead I did a 140 mile round trip daily to study at Hallam) Anyway, What I'm working on now is well designed, carefully thought out and something I'm very proud of. I think I can say that after all these years...I'm not blowing my own trumpet, I just believe in what I'm working on...Its huge though so I will have to pull it back a bit, but I'm very happy with it. I'll be having a website professionally constructed for me next summer and will work my butt off to launch it/myself in the industry properly. So maybe its a good thing that I can move away from my graduation stuff...Something fresh and new instead.

On a non jewellery note....Its almost Christmas! I've been buying some Philosophy skincare products tonight, even though I probably shouldn't...2 big sets which I'll split up for a few of the females in my family...Will be keeping a few for myself though! They have some gorgeous seasonal boxed collections

Can tell Christmas is coming(well, in 5/6 weeks) cos I'm talking about box sets!
Anyway, Its getting late so will leave it there...Bye for now :) x

PS: Thank you to all who spend their time reading my posts x

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