Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Taking my own professional photos??..

I'm not that best photographer in the world...The best ones I have ever taken have happened either by mistake, or when i wasn't trying, so I'm not loving the fact that I am going to have to start taking pictures of my jewellery myself....I would love to have a professional photographer on tap anytime I wanted but that wouldn't be such a financially smart move just as I embark on a new business. So, I pushed aside my Cybershot(great for everyday life- terrible for shiny, sparkly jewels!) and bought a new camera..It is soooo much better at capturing the jewellery in the way I want to present it.....

This is a later addition I'm working on this week to add to my collection at my degree show..The bezel isn't quite finished yet...It's gold and silver with a 1 carat lab created diamond, oh and the hand isn't mine..I don't have such smooth, mark free hands after making jewellery for 5/6 years!
As for the shots....It's still early days :)

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