Monday, 20 June 2011

Graduation Work And Beyond

Hey, pictured below are images of my graduation work. This is on display right now as part of the Creative Spark Exhibition (see post below) Some of these pieces will also be at New Designers in London at the very end of June. Right now I'm working on a collection all based on my graduation work. For the most part I won't be recreating any of the pieces exactly but I am making a series of 'pod pendants' on tan leather cord and a variety of silk coloured cord. Smaller 'oozing' brooches with matching wire/torque style necklaces with earrings to complement all of the work mentioned. I will also be adding one off rings (like the diamond ring) in the most popular sizes...I will be more than happy to remake any one off design though. Anyway, Here are the pictures....
                                                                    Contrast Lariat
                                                                     Erosion Brooch

                                                                Contrast Layer Rings
                                                                Contrast Necklace
                                                                    Exhibition shots


  1. wow ! i like the designs.. Pretty and rare !

    Maryam from The Gourmet

  2. Thank you very much..I appreciate that x