Friday, 8 July 2011

Back Home.....

I'm back home now after 10 brilliant days in London. The first week at New Designers had been really great. I  met some lovely people and had a lot of interest in my work, which is always great. After we packed up on the Saturday I went and stayed with my other brother and sister in law for 3 days...It was a really nice wind down from the past 3 years, finished by seeing Take That at Wembley(Amazing!!!) on the Tuesday night. The only downside was that I missed my train home at Kings Cross due to the 45 minute tube journey there talking 1hr 10 minutes (yes I know the exact minutes, and it was painful to watch the time ticking by!) I had to literally beg the ticket guy at Kings Cross to let me catch the next train home using my original ticket (could have charged me whatever if not!) I had to go through my entire tube journey, explaining all the delays until he eventually allowed me to catch the next train, and the next train only for which I had 6 minutes to get to! It was so stressful, and because I live a little over 200 miles away, they could have charged me £100 to get home. I should be grateful, but the train I got on was only half full all the way home, so where was the harm in allowing me to get on it without all the fuss it caused....It's just mean spirited really, but hey, thats the way it can work in the UK. Anyway, apart from that it was a great 10 days. I'm now working on my first collection as a professional jewellery designer (Get me! I'm a pro designer now! :) The rest of summer is going to be very busy...I have to get collections for 2 galleries ready by the beginning of August and a full, commercial range ready by mid August. This will consist of around 50 pieces of jewellery...Wearable, fun and tactile, but not found on the high street, if you see what I mean. Right, better get back to it....Bye for now x

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